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Site of Grand-Hornu

Photos 12033260.JPGCurrently the property of Hainaut Province, the Grand-Hornu is working on a contemporary project which harmoniously combines culture, tourism, technology, and future concepts. Grand-Hornu Images accommodates temporary exhibitions throughout the year. The Grand-Hornu is an old industrial mining complex, an outstanding witness to the Industrial Revolution. Erected between 1810 and 1830 by Henri De Gorge, a captain of industry of French extraction, it represents a veritable urban project, and a unique example of functional city-planning on the European continent at the beginning of the great age of industrialization.
Built in the neo-classical style, the Grand-Hornu includes workshops, offices, a workers' housing estate, and the administrators' residence, known as "De Gorge Castle". Punctuated by arcades, pediments and crescent-shaped windows, the workshops and offices of the colliery form a majestic whole.
The De Gorge housing estate is located close to the industrial complex. It was the first of its kind in Europe. First a dormitory, then residential lodgings, it accommodated workers hailing from different regions in some 440 houses which were extremely comfortable for the times, and all came complete with a garden.
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