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Museum of the Valley of the Gueule

Photos 11122350.JPGLarge model of the landscape of the Valley of the Gueule. Collection of postcards and historic documents telling of the history of Moresnet-Neutre. Rare specimens of stamps and coins particular to Moresnet-Neutre. Lithographs and maps relating the mine works and extraction of zinc. Large format color photos of the calamine (zinc ore) fields and details of plant life typical of a soil permeated with zinc at La Calamine and its surroundings. An exceptional collection complete with samples of zinc mineral and calamine. Some polished blendes (zinc sulphide in crystalline form) show the inside structure of the stone. Documents retracing the folkloric customs and traditions of the region. The director of the textile factory of Bruch had the building constructed in 1909 by the architect Eversheim of Aachen. He lived there with his wife until the 1950s. In 1962 it became the town hall of Neu-Moresnet until 1977 when the townships merged. The Museum was opened to the public in 1984.
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