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Aquarium - Museum

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From 2 to 102 , there is always something to surprise you at the Aquarium-Muséum !


Plunge with dry feet into the story of animal heritage !

Do you want to find the treasures of Water Life ? The dive all the year into the heart of the oceans, seas, lakes and rivers of the whole world. Here at the Aquarium you come eye to eye with 2,500 fish in 46 aquariums: piranhas with powerful jaws, electric fish, clown fish better kown as ?Nemo?, blind cave fish, deadly poisonous stone-fish, pike, eels, perch and other fish from our home waters ?, not forgetting the remarkable living corals and the fascinating black point sharks.

Do you want to find the riches of the Animal world on our planet ? At the Museum 20,000 witnesses of the animal world are waiting for you : stuffed animals from Africa, Australia, Asia ?, huge skeletons such as those of the whale, elephant or dromedary, mythical animals such as the Tasmanian Wolf, witnesses evolution such as limules, numerous insect from the flea to the macaon, not forgetting the snakes, spiders, ?shell-fish?, the Belgian fauna, the polar bear and, of course, our closest cousins : the gorillas, chimpanzees and other Primates !
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