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House of Science

Photos 12053379.JPGSeveral scientific shows, whose themes are summarized below, are presented: Electrostatics: electrifying or charging by friction, and contact (horripilation, electroscope, faraday cage), electrifying by static influence (chimes, lightning, faraday cylinder), point effect, storm and conductor. Sounds and vibrations: creation and propagation of a sound, reflection, interference, stationary waves, resonance, diffraction, Fourier analysis of a sound. Fluids: atmospheric pressure (experiments in an empty pump), flow of a fluid (Bernoulli principle). Liquid nitrogen: change of state (boiling), conservation and destruction of living cells at -196º C, low temperature effect on matter (conductivity, rigidity, colour...). Mechanics: movements and impacts. Experimental illustration of the laws of Newton (inertia, acceleration, falling bodies, conservation of the quantity of movement). Optics: geometric optics (reflection, refraction, total reflection, prisms and lenses), trichromy, undulatory optics (polarization, diffraction), optical illusions. Energy conversion: thermal energy to mechanical energy (internal combustion engines, Stirling...), to electrical energy (thermocouple). Electrical energy to mechanical energy (electric motor). Mechanical energy to electrical energy (alternator) + Oersted experiment. Radiant energy to electrical energy (photo-voltaic cell). Electromagnetic waves: Hertz experiments (identification of electric and magnetic fields of a wave, stationary waves). Radio waves, micro-waves, infrared, ultraviolet. Experimental datasheets: low-frequency electromagnetic fields. Energy conversion: the conversions illustrated are: Chemical energy to electrical energy (batteries, fuel battery...), to radiant energy (chemiluminescence), to mechanical energy pressure of a gas), to thermal energy (exothermic reaction). Thermal energy to chemical energy (endothermic reaction). Polymers: artificial and synthetic polymers; thermoplastic (nylon...), thermo-hardening (polyurethane) and elastomers (rubber), compound materials and polymer conductors. Lottery of heredity: an animated maquette of the chromosomes helps to re-create the portrait of a child based on the combination of genes drawn at random. Plant biology: discovery of the cell structure of a plant, photosynthesis, reproduction of plants (in vitro culture, cuttings, totipotency). Static collections: scientific apparatus of the Montefiore Institute of Electricity. 400 minerals in the Liège University collection 400 sq.m. in the Institute of Zoology at Liège University, 22 Quai Van Beneden, 4020 Liège.
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