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Museum of Religious Art and Mosan Art (MARAM)

Photos 11262937.JPGMosan art: sculptures (an outstanding series of Madonnas enthroned), bronzes, gold- and silverware, enamels (11th-12th centuries). Religious art: an interesting overview of the development of this art in the old diocese of Liège from the Middle Ages to the early 20th century, in the fields of gold and silver work, sculpture, and painting. Alongside works produced in the region, there are works of the Flemish, French, Brabançon and German schools. Section devoted to St. Lambert, around a model of the old cathedral (which no longer exists), with a son et lumière show. Modern construction behind reconstructed 17th and 18th century façades. Collection of pieces by Dehin gold- and silversmiths, and master glaziers of Osterrath (19th and 20th centuries).
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