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Musée en plein air du Sart Tilman

Photos 12043317.JPGIn the inner suburbs of Liège, the Sart-Tilman Outdoor Museum meets the challenge of juxtaposing nature and architecture, under the banner of contemporary art. This is nothing less than a laboratory for research involving public art. By extending the thinking of pioneers in the university arena, the acquisitions policy is actually based on the principle of visual incorporation, whereby the conception of the work is dependent on the choice of setting in which it is installed. Focusing on monumental sculpture and painting, what the museum's collection essentially illustrates is the diversity of contemporary artwork in French-speaking Belgium, represented both by established values and promising talent. The Sart-Tilman Outdoor Museum is unusual in more ways than one. It has no partition walls, no ticket office, no watchmen. It lies well off the beaten track of spectacle-oriented culture. And it helps to reinstate the genius of place, well-suited to the private experience of the work of art.
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