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Public Transport Museum of the Liège Region

Photos 11263005.JPGIn a setting renovated thanks to the Walloon region, the Museum displays some 40 vehicles: taxis, horse driven streetcars, electric tramways, trolley buses, buses, service vehicles, which put on view the period from the 18th century to present times. They are painted in the colors of the different companies for which they ran. The Museum offers a "Michelin" area dedicated to the evolution of the technology of pneumatics. This education area is divided into four sections: history, fabrication and components, innovation and technology, impact on comfort and environment. Another point of interest is the collection of antique destination plates, some showcases displaying various historical documents, network paraphernalia (uniform elements, change machines as well as several replicas). Three tramways from Aix-la-Chapelle, combined with a historic presentation of the transportation network, are part of the display. The Museum is located at the heart of the Vennes-Fétinne locality in a depot built in 1904 and made lucrative by the various public transport companies which succeeded one another until 1983.
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