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40-45 Museum

Photos 11122181.JPGOn 2 September 1944, the first American troops crossed the Franco-Belgian frontier at Cendron and advanced. It was at 11.30 that the first Liberation battle occurred in Belgium, at Monceau-Imbrechies, site of the 40-44 Museum. Twelve American soldiers and one American officer lost their lives on the Imbrechies ridge, which has become a monument where ceremonies are regularly held in memory of these heroes. In this museum you will encounter history: the history of the Second World War by way of the press, the history of a country, a region, a village, in the very heart of this Second World War seen through photographs, period documents, objects made by civilians resisting the occupation, objects that once belonged to the soldiers involved, a Patton Tank, a Bofors gun... The museum has been arranged in an old clog-making factory which was subsequently turned into a cowshed. On 2 September 1944, when the American troops arrived, they took up position here and it was here that an American officer would lose his life. This is why the cowshed has become the "40-44 Museum", its name since 1984.
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