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Museum of Mushrooms

Photos 11061356.JPGExhibition of the various elements of the discovery of the world of mushrooms, as well as the association of these mushrooms to man, i.e. medicine, cookery, folklore, edibleness, toxicity, utility, type description ... Some 100 realistic resin scale models are placed in a recreated décor of prairies and forests. A PC with comprehensive software, scientific, fun and educational "Mushrooms the Whole Year Round" (Paul Pirot). A hall of oyster mushroom substance in reproductive structure demonstrates and explains the cultivation of this mushroom. A projection room links the projection of slides and videos to the guided tour or to the individual visit. We have moved !! The Mushroom Explanation Center (Centre d'Interprétation du Champignon-CIC) opened in April 2004 on the estate of the "Enclos des Frênes", a rural rest house with guest rooms, which is at the same time a "Food-lover's Farm" and a "Learning Farm" located in the Belgian Luxembourg region !! In this way, fun and educational complementary activities can be combined to the visit of the CIC: a stopover at the farm, nature and history walks, a visit of the wind machines, a hike through the forest, winter wanderings, a stroll in the snow, on the trail of animals ... exhibits-panel discussions on various nature themes ...
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