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Museum of Funfairs and Traveling Theatre Companies

Photos 12103715.JPGWith attractions, old time entertainment and the use of accessories and documents, the enthusiastic guides of the Museum of Funfairs and Traveling Theatre Companies bring alive the fabulous history of carnival funfairs. They tell of the origins and evolution of the `ducassesZ (fairs typical of Walloon Belgium) with a sprinkling of anecdotes in their narratives. One hall is especially reserved for traveling show companies. Pipe shooting stands, side shows, "salon" carousels, flea circuses, caravans ... it's all there to discover or to think back about how our grand-parents had fun. And what fun! A wonderful Mortier organ with its perforated sheet music provides the listening pleasure of a large repertoire of tunes to which our grandparents once danced. An animated fairground replica, 1/10 scale, never fails to fascinate the children before they finish the visit with a ride on the museum's carousel. Loads of fun for everyone !
Modern construction (1988)
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