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Blue Stone and Glass Documentation Center

Photos 11081988.JPGThe aim of the Blue Stone and Glass Documentation Center is to describe the blue stone (slate) works and to make available to each and everyone its records consisting of archives and current documents, books and photos, films, tools, and samples relating to the mining of the sonegien blue stone quarries and to the trades related to it. Visitors will discover a true reconstruction of a stone worker's hut, as they existed at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century, and an impressive collection of fossils. The Documentation Center also demonstrates the different stages of the making of glass, the fabrication, decoration, and several items of a wide range of products made by the local glass manufacturers. The Documentation Center is located in the buildings of the Arts and Cultural Center at the foot of the collegiate church of Saint Vincent. This residence was originally built in 1521 but from the 17th century onwards was remodelled several times by the successive owners.
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