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Museum of Fine Arts of Tournai

The Museum owes the major part of its treasures to an important donation by a patron of the arts from Brussels: Van Cutsem. One can find drawings by Van Gogh or Toulouse-Lautrec. Enthusiasts of 19th century art will also be able to admire Impressionist paintings by Seurat, Monet or Fantinlatour, as well as "Argenteuil" and "At Père LathuileZs", the only two works of Manet exhibited in Belgium. As for ancient paintings, the Museum displays notably GossaertZs Saint Donatien and BreughelZs Bird Trap. Created by the Master of Art Nouveau, Victor Horta, the Museum of Fine Arts of Tournai surprises by its architecture of buildings illuminated by glass ceilings. The exhibition halls are joined together by a grand hall devoted to sculpture (works by Charlier, Dillens or Minne). Very elegant, its star shaped lay out also conforms to security measures: the guards can overlook the whole area from a single vantage point.
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