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Guimais Museums - Baillet-Latour Museum

Photos 11061388.JPGThis small museum devoted to local and military life does its utmost to relive memories of the "Dragoons of Latour", a Walloon regiment owned by the local lord, Maximilien de Baillet-Latour, which saw distinguished service on behalf of Austria. Various documents, weaponry, costumes and uniforms, and medals call to mind the tragic events which overtook the Gaume during the First and Second World Wars. The re-creation of a Gaume kitchen, plus one or two objects to do with popular worship and nature lend this modest village museum more than its share of interest. As the erstwhile town hall of Latour, this Regency-style building ha two preserved parts: the Virton Museum in Gaume, and the Baillet-Latour Museum.
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