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Gaumais Museum

Photos 11061396.JPGArchaeology: exhibits illustrating the prehistoric, Celtic, Roman, Merovingian and mediaeval periods in Gaume, including the bas-relief of the reaper of Treviria from the academy of Fine Arts in Triers; works by E. Copus, A. Watrin, N. Outer, C. Barthélémy, A. Raty, M. Howet. F. Jacques, J. Lorrain, R. Greisch, and J. Lagneau... Religious art: works by Brother Abraham d'Orval, gold- and silverware by Cl. Renauls of Virton, sacred statuary... Customs and beliefs: religious, medical and magical practices to ward off Evil and illness. Ethnography: re-creation of interiors (kitchen and bedroom--péle--as well as an 18th century cabinet of curiosities or Wunderkammer)... Craftsmanship: re-creation of workshops (weaver, saddler, basket-maker, potter, blacksmith, tinsmith, clogmaker, cobbler... Industrial arts: decorative cast iron pieces, Boch-Luxembourg earthenware (faience). Folklore: Legendary popular hero Djean de Mâdy, the Four Sons of Aymon and the Bayard horse. Founded in 1937 in the remains of the Recollets monastery built at the end of the 16th century at Virton, and enlarged in 1990 with the addition of a wing of contemporary architecture, the Gaumais Museum reveals the cultural identity of this region lying between Entre-Chiers and Semois, and highlights the many and varied facets of the impressive human, natural, industrial and artistic resources in Gaume, past and present alike.
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