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The Marcq Farm Museum

Photos 11122255.JPGThe guided tour here is nothing less than a good look back at the rural, farm and craftsman's life of yore through important collections of unusual, rare, old and at times eclectic objects like these war souvenirs... The grange with its remains of farm mechanization, its carts, its winnowing machines; The cowshed with its equipment for calving, and its craftsman's tools; The stable with its horseshoes, riding saddles, bridles and bits; The brewery with its beer barrels and presses...; The dairy with its churns and turbines...; The welcoming kitchen with its old furniture...; and the bar with its old yellowing posters!
Take the tree-lined avenue overlooking the stream which gave its name to the village, pass through the porch of the very fine 18th century farmyard... and... inevitably, you will be impressed by these tall red brick walls well dovetailed to delimit the area of a square, in accordance with the typical architecture of the Brabant farm. It is in such places--determinants during the planning of the village, because they were situated right in the middle of them--that the collector breathes new life into each one of his objects. This imposing and magnificent building attests all on its own to the whole socio-economic history of a period awaiting discovery!
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