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Musée Rue Etienne Lenoir

Photos 12053537.JPGThe inhabitants of Mussy are proud of their famous personalities. You will find here the portraits of these famous men and women, and the essence of their works in the small museum of local history called the "Rue Etienne Lenoir" Museum. The museum itself is installed in the old "Café de la Place", close to the Main Square called the Grand Place Abbé Alexander, in the middle of the village, in a room belonging to the "House of Belgian Lorraine" (Tourist Office). Etienne Lenoir obviously enough represents the essence of the place, in the midst of the museum collections. It is Lenoir who invented the first combustion engine running on lighting gas. Michel-Justin Duvigneaud patented several inventions to do with improving metal pens. He emigrated first to Paris and then to the United States. One of his great grandsons, Vincent de Vigneaud, who was head of the health department of the city of New York, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1955. Marcel Laurent was a distinguished professor at Liège university. Prior to that, he had been curator of the Museums of Art and History at the fiftieth anniversary in Brussels. He is regarded as a world expert in the architecture and sculpture of ancient Greece. Lastly, two highly renowned engineers: Joseph Goffinet, an agronomist and soldier in colonial Africa, and Emile Bodard, a expert civil engineer who is responsible for having built the railway line at Valparaiso in Chile. Last of all, a noble if shadowy figure: that of Numa Bouté who was a great national resistance fighter in Brussels during the Second World War. This gallery of local celebrities which includes heroes of technical, scientific, and Hellenic research has earned Mussy-la-Ville an outstanding reputation.
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