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Wool and Fashion Tourist Center

Photos 12023216.JPGTruly a key feature of wool narrative, the interactive tour-show "From Yarn to Fashion" describes, during its first part, the different stages of the manufacture of woollen cloth. Equipped with individual earphones, visitors are greeted by the character `YarnZ who escorts them through the circuit, commenting on the machinery and objects set out in the scenographic areas. This audiovisual focus in three dimensional decors guides the visitor through the life and surroundings of the glorious era of the woollen industry of Verviers.
Half-way through the tour, `YarnZsZ cousin `March of TimeZ takes over by presenting a series of pictures: comic strips from the Gienat publishing house, presented in a diorama. These draw attention to the history of the clothing of man. `March of TimeZ also comments on the costumes of those great eras which marked the history of the occidental world, backed up by a show of clips from such famous films as "Ben-Hur" or "Dangerous Liaisons". Then the visitor discovers the workshop and garment-maker's boutique. Even if industrial ready-to-wear apparel has considerably developed over time, the fashion craftsmen continue their activity designing and creating tailor-made clothing.
Magnificent block of industrial buildings of Neo-classic style, which traditional to Verviers at the end of the 18th century, gives a fine example of a manufacturing works located next to the master's home.
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