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Photos 12043339.JPGThe MADmusée is a nonprofit organization issue from the Créahm studio (Creativity and mental disability). The MADmusée is the repository of a specific collection of contemporary Outsider Art. Its primary focus is to preserve and to enhance works produced by artists with mental disabilities in a context of workshops/studios.

?The Madmusée it's a general consideration about art, non-academic artistic creation and its confrontation with contemporary art ;
?The Madmusée is an active member of an international network of more than 150 studios ;
?An international collection inclues more than 2500 artworks (paintings, sculptures, drawings, textils ?) ;
?An exhibition program based on 4 axes :
oA monographic exhibition with catalog ;
oA studio's exhibition who give prominence to the international network ;
oA duo exhibition that confronts the approaches of two artists ;
oA contextualize exhibition about the permanent collection.
?Partnerships with prestigious museums (Collection de l'Art Brut, Lausanne ; The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art, Chicago ; Grand Curtius, Liège ; Musée Memling, Bruges ; art)&(marges musée, Bruxelles ; Museum D. Guislain, Gent?)
?Collaborations with contemporary artists (Honoré ?'O, Fred Bervoets, Dirk Braeckman, inaugural exhibition) ;
?A documentation center regarding outsider art with more than 2,000 publications ;
?An education department that develops tools available to and meaningful for all visitors ;

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