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Athus and Steel

Photos 11061289.JPGThis permanent exhibition created in Athus by the "Athus and Steel" association aims at giving a meaning to the memory, the heritage and the history of the steel industry in the South-Luxembourg province since the creation of the works in 1872 until its close-down in 1977.
During the years, the steel works, the town and the whole region developed in parallel, inspiring one another, unable to perform one without the other.
This collective exhibition, retracing history from 1872 until present times, is truly a much appreciated visiting center of the "Grande Region" SAAR-LOR-LUX.
Even if many objects, documents and photos have already been gathered and put on display, the relocation of the exhibit to new surroundings, made available by I.D.E.L.U.X., encourages a nostalgic comeback and the permanent creation of a showcase which will call to mind the steelworks of our region. In order to be able to retrace 105 years of history, other "witnesses of the past" will still need to be taken out of forgotten archives hidden away in cellars and attics. It is not too late, but it is time, to still salvage what can be saved.
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