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Small Format Museum

Photos 11081796.JPGThe Small Format Museum has some 2,500 work with a maximum format of A4, offered by artists from all round the world after "Small Format Paper" Biennials. Works by Christo, Antonio Segui, Ben Vautier, Serge Vandercam, Gabriel Belgeonne, Pol Bury, Roger Somville, and Jacques Charlier---900 artists in all. The museum does not have a permanent exhibition venue. Its calling is above all itinerant, with travelling shows. Its headquarters is located at the "Action Sud" Regional Cultural Centre of the Philippeville Arrondissement at Nismes (Viroinval). This is where the Biennials are held, and the Small Format Museum takes an active part, throughout the various cultural seasons, in the policy aimed at promoting the visual arts in the cultural centre.
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