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Notre-Dame à la Rose Hospital

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Musée de l'Hôpital Notre-Dame à la Rose

Place Alix de Rosoit





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The collections of the Notre-Dame à la Rose Hospital illustrate both the life of the religious community (furniture, pictures, books, statues, copperware, tinware, porcelain, fabrics, civil and religious gold- and silverware, liturgical ornaments...) and the material, spiritual and medical care and treatment (history and development of pharmacy, medicine and hospitalization conditions..) which this community dispensed to sick patients from 1242 to 1980.The Notre-Dame à la Rose Hospital is one of the last examples of a complete autarkic hospital complex bearing witness to the way hospitals operated under the Ancien Régime. The main quadrilateral building, housing convent and hospital, is built around a Gothic cloister with Renaissance, Flemish and Baroque features. The farm, gardens (many medicinal plants), cemetery and cold room for refrigeration round off the site, which has the Dendre river flowing through it. Listed in Wallonia's Major Heritage register.