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House of Metallurgy and Industry of Liège

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Maison de la Métallurgie et de l'Industrie de Liège a.s.b.l.

Boulevard Raymond Poincaré, 17

4020 LIEGE




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The MMIL collections are presented in nine rooms focusing on three main themes: metallurgy (large 17th century Walloon-style forge, Cockerill, modern iron and steel making, zinc of yesterday and today), energy (hydraulic, steam-driven machines, gas and kerosene-driven apparatus, electricity), and computer technology (calculators, computers).
The MMIL is located in an old factory founded in 1846 by D. Dothée for iron laminating and the manufacture of tin. The company was purchased in 1862 by the Espérance de Seraing. It would earn fame under the name of Espérance-Longdoz, named after the Liège neighbourhood where it is situated. Today, only the buildings housing the museum remain.