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Commando Museum

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Musée des Commandos

Caserne Slt. Thibaut Rue Durieux, 80


02 44 21 010



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Created in 1980 at the initiative of Lieutenant-General Pierre Roman, Head of the General Staff of the Land Unit and Commando Lieutenant from the beginnings of 1942, the Commando Museum narrates and illustrates the history of Belgian Commandos since 1942, year of the creation in Great Britain of the first Unit, the "4th Troop of N°10 Inter-Allied Commando", until present times. All the units of the Belgian Army which once proudly wore the green beret of the Commandos are represented here. Modest at its beginnings, the Museum currently occupies some 20 locations and is constantly developing thanks to the donations throughout time of its famous representatives. The collections, presented chronologically and/or topically (documents, materials, equipment, weapons, vehicles and mementos) illustrate the historic phases and the evolution over time of the Belgian commandos. The Museum contributes to upholding traditions and promotes the history of the Belgian commandos. The Museum is located in the buildings of the 2nd Battalion of Commandos, more precisely accessible on the ground floor at the rear.