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Félicien Rops Provincial Museum

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Musée provincial Félicien Rops

Rue Fumal, 12

5000 NAMUR




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Located in the heart of old Namur, close to the birth place of the artist, the Félicien Rops provincial museum presents every aspect of this artist. Great steps of his life, his meetings and his works. A technical approach of the diversity of his talent: drawing, painting, engraving.

The mueum organised 3 temporary exhibitions par year. Over different themes they are of high artistic level. Reallised in collaboration with national and international institutions, as well as scientific and university partners.


Mansion of first half of 18th century in bricks and belgian blue stone, on a limestone base. The building has been radically transformed in 19th century. The Museum is settled in this house since 1987. It was renovated in 2003.
Adapted for new exhibitions and technologies.