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The Castle of Jehay

JehayCarte wallonie


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Musée du Château de Jehay

Rue du Parc, 1

4540 Jehay




Art   History   Nature


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Art, history and nature.

You discover Jehay Castle as you come round a bend in the woods. Ringed by moats, the imposing 16th century edifice appears magnificent.
Listed as "exceptional Wallonia heritage", the castle features a remarkable architecture which is totally unique in Europe.
You easily recognize its famous façade, build as a checkerboard. The former residence of the count Guy van den Steen welcomes you and offers you an incredible journey through the fine arts. The very special atmosphere of the place shows you all the refinement of castle life. Art lovers will be delighted to discover a famous and eclectic collection which include pieces of furniture, sliverware, paintings, tapestries, ceramics and books.