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Estate of Seneffe Castle

SENEFFECarte wallonie


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Domaine du chateau de Seneffe

Rue Lucien Plasman 7-9


+32 (0)64/55.69.13



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Once you have passed through the gates and pushed open the castle door, you enter another age. Here you will discover the art of living in the 18th century. The collection of civic gold- and silverware in Seneffe Castle is noteworthy mainly because of its sheer scope, its international character, and the periods it spans (above all the 17th and 18th centuries). It is the culmination of the passion and enthusiasm of a private Belgian collector, Claude D'Allemagne, who gave the French-speaking Community a set of pieces revealing the expertise of gold- and silversmiths of those times. Seneffe Castle, once the country residence of Count Julien Depestre, was built between 1763 and 1768 by an architect very much in vogue and favour at the time, Laurent-Benoït Dewez. Inside, luxury holds sway (fine parquet floors, gilt work etc...) and outside visitors can stroll in the 50-acre grounds, where there are numerous buildings (theatre, orangery, aviary, cold room, outhouses). Photos and archives to do with the restoration of the Castle. Archives and drawings of the goldsmiths called Roger.