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Memorial Museum for the Régiment 12e de Ligne Prince Léopold

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Mémorial Musée du Régiment 12e de Ligne Prince Léopold - 13e de Ligne

Avenue du Régent 12e de ligne Prince Léopold, 1

4900 SPA




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The memorial museum uses a chronological method, helped by photographs, documents, equipment, weapons, uniforms, and various other objects, to retrace the history of this glorious Unit, rich in feats that are unique and novel, from its origins in 1830 to the present day. It is also a lively and didactic circuit through the great events of Belgian history. It is a tribute to our soldiers who have done their duty, often at the cost of their lives, for their country, and for the freedom of their fellow citizens; nowadays for the respect of human rights wherever it is necessary to intervene to support peace. The memorial museum is meant for everyone-adults, young people, and children, and it has been congratulated and rewarded by the King Baudouin Foundation. The regiment's memorial museum is housed in military premises belonging to the Régiment 12e de ligne Prince Léopold - 13e de Ligne, Mechanized Infantry Unit equipped with armoured cars, with 500 soldiers who, since 1993, have seen action in eastern Croatia, Bosnia, and more recently still, Kosovo. For organized groups such as associations, school groups, youth movements... a real opportunity to visit the Regiment as well. Information and requests: 087/79.28.77.