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Centre de Découverte du Vicinal

Rue du Fosteau, 2a

6530 THUIN

+32 (0)71/37.00.05



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The museum illustrates the history of secondary transport in Belgium. It contains historic trams of the former National Vicinaux Railway Company (SNCV). Among them, the oldest preserved Vicinal steam engine (1888), a PCC unit brought here from Belgrade (Serbia) after having been sold to the SNCV; the only Bovy-Pipe lorry existing in the world (ladder-lorry); the earliest type of electric engine on the Charleroi network (1901), trailers dating from the days of "steam" traction, a 1947 railcar fitted with a Sherman tank engine. These trams take visitors along the Lobbes-Thuin line, which is run by the Museum. The Museum has two buildings, the larger of which is in the process of being finished. The other building houses the above-described collection.