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Musée vivant du Cycle de Huccorgne

Ferme du Château de Famelette

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A remarkable collection of more than 100 bicycles built from 1830 until present times. The first hall of the museum offers the visitor the possibility of discovering a video which in a little under than 10 minutes, provides an idea of the history of the bicycle, from the very beginnings of the `draisienneZ invented by the German Baron Karl Drais in 1818. An exhibit in this same hall accentuates the images by randomly presenting different bicycles, tandems or triplets which made up this history. It is called to mind that the bicycle was not always an object of recreation, but was also used in many professional manners: butcher, postman, soldier or baker ... There are also cycles built in the basin of Huy at the end of the 20th century. Three other rooms can be reached by passing through the courtyard of the farm. In the one, an impressive collection of manufacturersZ escutcheons (shields), a collection of bicycle plates. The next room is dedicated to the progress of the cycle since the draisienne to the bicycle of today, passing through the Michaux bicycle, the bi, the "safety" with the steady wheels, as well as the technical evolution of the bike. Finally, the last room is devoted to Belgian cycles and to the inventive genius of incredibly surprising techniques...