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First Wing Historical Center (1WHC) The Golden Falcon

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First Wing Historical Center (1WHC) The Golden Falcon

Base Lt Col Avi Charles ROMAN

1st Wing Historical Centre - rue de la Grande Lecke, 5



http://www.musee.1wing.free.fr / http://www.latelierdudiorama.be


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The main purpose of the 1st Wing Historical Centre (1WHC) is to relate the Squadron's history of Beauvechain Air Base since 1935 and especialy the history of the Fighter Squadrons betweem 1946 and 1996. On display: Service vehicles, some aircrafts wich have Evolved on Beauvechain AB and also their own engines.
The Historical Centre remembers Goedsenhoven ( Pilot Elementary School).
The Light Aviation museum (from Bierset AB) moved to the centre and will be open soon.
A "Documentation Centre" (archives and technical) is open to interested visitors.


The official name of BEAUVECHAIN AB is "Base Charles ROMAN". Wing Commander Charles ROMAN died in aerial service while in command of six Squadrons.
Between 1946 and 1996, the 1st Fighter Wing operated the following aircrafts: SPITFIRE, MOSQUITO, METEOR 4, 7, 8 and 11, the HUNTER, CF-100, F-104G and F-16. The 42nd Recce Squadron , flying the RF-84F, has also been located on the air base for about three years.
The 1st Fighter Wing started with the 349 and 350 squadrons, both created during WW II, with belgian pilots, within the Royal Air Force.
Since 1996,Elementary pilot School takes place at Beauvechain AB.
The weather service "Meteo Wing" and many other services are moved to the 1 WING.
When the "Flight Helicopter" moved to the base, the name changed as "1 WING" instead of "1st FIGHTER WING"



Aircrafts : Meteor, RF-84F, F-104G, F-16, Mirage 5, T-33, SF-260, C-170, Mig 21, Missile Nike, Briten-Norman.


SV 4b and Alouette II

Memory hall:
- base model on scale 1:1000
- The Belgian Military Aeronautic
- WW II German occupation
- The RCAF and USAAF era during WW II
- The other halls evoke the different aircrafts operated by the 1st Fighter Wing as well
as the squadrons: 4th, 10th, 11th, 349th, 350th and Auxiliary Sqn.
- The "Meteo Wing" in the past.
- The "Elementary Flying School at Goedsenhoven AB
Equipment Radio / Radar from "SOMERS" collection.
Dioramas concerning nuclear protection, airfield defence....
Aircraft engines from piston to jet.
Display of a Pilot's dispersal.