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Trignolles - Arthur Masson Center

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Trignolles - Espace Arthur Masson

Rue Eugène DEFRAIRE, 29





Literature   Regional   Folklore


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Since its opening in March 99, the Space Arthur Masson proposes you the show trail


. Through the Work of the writer Arthur Masson, this show trail presents the Ardennes rural world (the valley of Viroin and more particularly "TRIGNOLLES", the village of the maïeur Toine Culot, the most popular hero of A. Masson) in a very precise period: from 1930 till 1960. It is the transitional period between the traditional rural world and the opening towards the modernity. In the decors of a charming rural past, but with the support of modern audiovisual techniques, it makes the small world live full of vividness and wisdom which imagined Masson. Dialogues in Walloon but translated by tape guide into FR, NL, E, D.
The Arthur Masson Space is made up of three buildings, the three old schools which enclose a convivial space with a fountain as its central feature, depicting three bronze figures of the Toinade.