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Museum of Life of Yesteryear

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Musée de la Vie d'autrefois et du Tarare

Place Saint-Christophe





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A place of memory since 1997, this museum contains documents contributed by inhabitants in order to safeguard illustrations of bygone village life. Four rooms have been furbished to this effect: history of the lord of Racour's estate in the terrible years of the two world wars, economic life (farming, old trades) and social life (parish, cafés, pigeon-fancying...), an old-style kitchen, harvesting in the old days (projection of two films shot at Racour). The old café and winnowing workshop are planned for 2006. Old school (19th century) on the village square at the foot of the church of St. Christopher (keep of the Lords of Racour from the 14th century which houses a statue of St. Christopher from the 13th century, 15th century Gothic nave). Close by: presbytery built in 1740, ??confessional?? of 1588. Combined visit with the church is an option.