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Museum of the rural life and the old trades

ESTINNES-AU-MONTCarte wallonie


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Musée Communal de la Tradition Rurale et des Métiers Anciens

Chaussée Brunehault, 232





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The former rectory of the town of Estinnes-au-Mont (pop. 2058) houses today the town museum of Rural Traditions and Early Crafts. According to a symbol at the door, this whitewashed building dates back to 1786. The Museum offers to its curious visitors a remarkable collection where typical furnishings and early crafts rub elbows in an assembly of more than 5000 objects. Tools and utensils, made sacred by the toil and suffering of Man here turn into the useful and essential extension of the hand. Upstairs, one discovers the Danneau Room, dedicated to the hat trade, as well as the "Froissart Area", dedicated to the famous chronicler of the Middle Ages who was the Reverend of Estinnes for 10 years. The structure of the "attic" is also worth a visit. To discover behind the building the "Garden of the Reverend", an open passage onto the airy expanse of "la Muchette", made up of an amphitheatre and two hangars which shelter a typical agricultural cart.