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National Museum of Real Tennis

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Musée national des Jeux de Paume

Hôtel de Ville, Grand'Place

7800 ATH




Folklore   Ethnology   


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Created in 2001, this Museum's task is to promote the long history of ball games in our country, and study this rich part of our sporting and cultural heritage. The permanent exhibition proposes a thrilling journey into the world of ball games. Their historical, sociological, ethnographic and economic aspects are generously illustrated by an educational circuit and rich collections of old items and documents. The re-creation of a small café and bar combined with the projection of a film plunge visitors into the warm and exciting ambience of the world of pelota. With its international flavour, the Museum also presents ball games in other countries, and those deriving from them (tennis, baseball, cricket, etc.). This dynamic centre regularly welcomes various exhibitions focused on ball game themes. Superb 17th century building.