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Scladina Cave and Archaeological Centre

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Archéologie andennaise Asbl

Rue Fond des Vaux, 339D





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Who really were Neanderthals? Why did these hunter-gatherers go through Scladina cave? What are the natural resources of our heritage? How does a cave form? What were the animals present in prehistory? What are the techniques used by modern archeology to decode the remains? Which sciences take place in this discipline?
Archaeologists from the research center (Research centre's archeologists) will answer all these questions.
Located close to Andenne, the Scladina Cave is an exceptional prehistoric site. Since 1978, archaeologists have been working to better understand this place which contains a history of thousands of years ...
Scladina is full of palaeontological and archaeological remains: more than 20,000 tools in flint and scrap, attributed to the Neanderthals, rub shoulders with bones of prehistoric animals (bears, hyenas, woolly rhinoceros ...)!

The Scladina Cave is a prehistorical site excavated since 1978! It delivered a great number of artefacts: flint tools, bones from different animals (bears, hyenas, mammoths?) and even the mandible of a young Neanderthal girl! Let's discover this fantastic place at the crossroads between history and sciences. The archaeologists will make you travel in the past to meet this old humanity?