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Museum of Honey – The Discovery of Honey and the Bee

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Musée du Miel - Espace de Découverte du Miel et de l'Abeille

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At the same time a museum and a honey farm, young and old are welcome all year round. The Museum exhibits the earlier and current materials used by the bee-keeper. Behind glass, an active hive is also on view. During the weekends of July and August, a guide explains the life of the bees, the making of wax, honey and royal jelly... There is an extraction room recreated to the requisite norms. The first honey is gathered here: an exciting moment for the bee-keeper. The extraction is done in public viewing the first two weekends of June from 10h00 to 18h00. A visit to the hives can also be organised. The Museum is located on the site of the lodge of the Haute Sambre, a provincial domain, in the buildings of the Sylvain Thibaut Royal association.