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Halanzy Mining Museum

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Musée Minier d'Halanzy

Chemin des Linettes 1

6750 Musson

+32 (0)08/5225886



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Minette, which is an ore that is low in phosphor iron, was extracted on hillsides in Halanzy and Musson. The earliest mention of a mine in this place dates back to 1739, when a miner was buried under a landslide. The first request to renew the concession was made in 1821. The ore was transported by wagons to the David furnace in Châtillon (Saint-Léger), where it was processed and turned into cast iron for the manufacture of firebacks and cylindrical stoves. In 1882, the Boël company bought the mining concessions and took charge of mining operations until 1978, when the mine closed down once and for all. At Halanzy, M. Noben was not keen to see this chapter of history simply vanish, leaving no witnesses. So on the village heights, just a stone's throw from France, he created a museum whose task is to retrace the life led by miners from 1800 to 1970, In it you will find all the mining equipment used for extracting ore: drills, pneumatic drills, explosives... as well as a locomotive, small wagons and the miner's personal gear: helmet, lamp... Photos, books, posters and a collection of minerals round off the whole show. A real discovery of the village's mining past!