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Musée Sambre et Meuse

Rue Célestin Hastir, 88A


+32 (0)496.40.19.61

Militaire Art   Ethnology   Folklore


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In 1996, 200 years of existence were celebrated by the Belgian gendarmerie, as well as by the gendarmerie brigade of Fosses. This event brought about the idea of creating a Museum of the Gendarmerie in remembrance of the veterans who upheld the Corps. In 2001 the gendarmerie and the local police were withdrawn. This called for a total reform of the police image. In the region, four townships merged to create a police division made up of the former gendarmerie brigades and communal police forces. These were the townships of Fosses-la-Ville, Mettet, Floreffe and Profondeville. This division is called the "Sambre et Meuse". Owing to these changes, the museum was added to by the communal and rural police forces. It honors the former gendarmerie, the earlier local police and European law enforcement services, and displays a range of uniforms of the different police forces. The Museum is housed in the former unit of the gendarmerie of Floreffe, right across from the train station. This building was built in 1918 and still has its original barracks and jail cells. The Museum is located in a former housing block.