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Pottery Documentation Center

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Centre d'interprétation de la Poterie

Rue Général Jacques 4


+32 (0)71/39.51.77



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The Pottery Documentation Center located in the former exposition hall of the Guerin Pottery is certainly on of the best moments of an attractive tour highlighted by various productions and videograms.
On a journey through the land of sandstone, the world of pottery opens onto a revelation of works retracing a surprising evolution of styles throughout the centuries.
From the generous earth to the ceramica sandstone, the potter masters the different steps which, with a turn of the hand, transform the raw material into a work of art.
At the heart of a kiln, a fiery audio-visual show renders homage to the craft of the artisan, this wizard of water, fire and salt who makes the earth sing! An animated vision of the uses of sandstone retraces its many applications throughout time.
On a theme of Pictures of a Life, Pictures of a Town the visitor is invited to discover the Magritte promenade, the renovated town center, the Sebastopol natural reserve... and the still active master potters, upholders of a history, a technique and a skill.