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Ensival Historical Museum

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Ensival Historical Museum

Ancienne gare - Place de la Saunerie, 30


+32 (0)87/33.93.88



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This is a private museum made to be viewed by each and everyone in order to not forget the suffering and lives lost for our freedom. Some 50 mannequins represent the occupation and liberation of the "grand Verviers" region. Many photographs and documents are on display. The founder is in contact with the veterans of the 314 TCG 50 squadron (US Air Force) who through their generosity have helped to complete the heritage already collected. Part of the museum is dedicated to them. The museum houses the CAM (archaeological center) which recently found the pilot of an FW190 (H Hillebrant) shot down in 1944 and buried in Lommel in April 2003. Pictures of the discovery can be seen at the museum. Entrance is free and it is with pleasure and passion that the custodian will narrate the different objects on display. The museum collection is laid out over two floors and 5 rooms.