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Archeoforum of Liege

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Archéoforum de Liège

Place Saint-Lambert

4000 LIEGE

+32 (0)4/250.93.70



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Some 20 showcases set out along the circuit display a selection of objects discovered during various excavation expeditions of the site. These documents retrace the many stages of occupation of the site (Mesolithic, Neolithic, Gallo-Roman, Carolingian, Roman, Gothic, Modern period ...). Every period in the history of Liege, from prehistory to the most recent times, can be traced in the archaeological vestiges in the form of artifacts and architecture. Some of these artefacts will join the collections of the future Grand Curtius. The showcases of the Archeoforum, regularly updated, enable to discover the many archaeological riches displayed at the Place Saint Lambert and rarely shown to the public.
The visit is made with an interactive iPad in 4 languages with audio comments, photos, videaos and 3D reconstitutions. A family version proposes games for the youngests.


The Archeoforum of Liege is a vast infrastructure measuring 3725 m² (the largest in Europe), located in the underground of the Saint-Lambert square, a central location of the city. It guards archaeological relicts which span, without discontinuity, from approximately 7000 BC to the end of the 19th century. This cellar holds, principally, the remnants of a large Gallo-Roman building and consecutive religious edifices dedicated to Saint Lambert, who died at this site in around 700 AD. These are mainly the foundations of a huge Gothic cathedral which was destroyed by the revolutionaries at the end of the 18th century. Size-wise, this cathedral was comparable in dimension to Notre-Dame of Paris.