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Mines, Gasometer and Nails Museums



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Musée de la Mine, du Gazomètre et du Clou

Château Bivort


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The three museums are located on the open region of Nicolas de Fontaine lZEvèque. The Montigny gasometer has recently received the `golden quadrangleZ; an architectural award of the Charleroi-Thuin region. Restoration of an underground gasometer, sole testimony of this type of concept of the beginning of the 19th century. Thanks to Pierre-Camille Montigny, Fontaine-LZEvèque is indeed one of the first towns to have had public gas lighting. This museum is unique in Europe. The Museum of Nails revives the art of nail manufacture, formerly a flourishing industry. From the domestic forge to ancient mechanical machines, it is the testimony of the yesteryear of the nail making industry. This local production, thanks to the skills of its nail makers and the quality of its products, was renowned the world over. The Mine Museum is the refitting of a horizontal gallery (a `bouveauZ) recreating the work environment of an operating mine with shaft, cage, extraction engines and underground transport ... Two towers of the castle dating from the 13th century - connected by a 70 m tunnel.