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Ham-sur-Heure Traditional and Country Museum

HAM-SUR-HEURECarte wallonie


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Musée rural et artisanal de Ham-sur-Heure

Château communal de Ham-sur-Heure

Chemin d'Oultre Heure, 20


+32 (0)71/21.36.83


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The museum brings back to life the old trades and crafts that were carried on in the area in the early years of the 20th century, as well as aspects of country life, and the customs and leisure pursuits of the day. In it you can see tools used by the nailsmith, sheep-shearer, pattern-maker and modeller, brick-maker, tinsmith, and farmer, all the equipment which was used for manufacturing bullets, craftsmanship peculiar to the Bourg, known far and wide, magnificent glass objects either manufactured or blown at the Beignée glassworks, pretty lace made on old looms that are still in place, and the re-creation of a forge and joiner's workshop. On the walls, old postcards showing the peaceful Bourg of yesteryear as well as a unique picture painted on flax depicting the castle and its outbuildings. The Saint-Roch Walk also has its place here, with walkers from different clubs and a splendid medal-holder, as well as brass bands with the 1904 flag. Since 9 September 1984, the museum has been housed in the Square Tower (Tour Carrée), in the non-restored part of Ham-sur-Heure Castle.