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Le bateau-mouche franchissant le plan inclinéCinémathèque royale - CINEMATEKle Centre de la Gravure - stages adultesMusée-valise <b><i>Les Gallo-Romains</i></b>Salle de spectacle Musée-valise <b><i> L'enfant égyptien hier et aujourd'hui </i></b>le Centre de la Gravure - stages enfantskaléidoscopeDiptyque de Palude <br />
Liège, Après 1488<br />
Huile sur panneaux<br />
Provient de L'ancienne cathédrale Saint-LambertMusée-valise <b><i>La guerre de 40 a bien eu lieu</i></b>Cuisson de pain sans levain ni levure


The museum portal in Wallonia provides a virtual access to almost 400 museums of the Wallonia-Brussels French Community scattered throughout the Walloon Region.


- Provide a better visibility on the internet to the Walloon museums and cultural institutions thanks to one single entry point, the aim being to link museums closely to their tourist attractions and their legacy, but also to make them become real drivers for local, social, economic and tourism development.
- Promote and represent every Walloon museum and their diversity, in Belgium as well as abroad, in their temporary or permanent activities
- Promote the cultural legacy of the French Community by giving access to the computerized inventory of the museum collections (AICIM)
- Foster the use of new information technologies in museums for the general public.
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